It’s time to return liberty to the People

What is happening to our Country? America was founded on the belief that government should exist only to promote and protect the liberty of its People. But over time, there’s been an increasing disconnect between what the People want and what some politicians want, what some special interest groups want. Its becoming acceptable for the self-serving machinery of government to trample over once sacred civil liberties - and for what? Money. Power. Control.

Enough is enough

Across America, people who speak out against government abuse are now finding themselves under siege. We’ve watched as citizens have testified about blatant IRS intimidation tactics, we’ve seen OSHA and the EPA target small businesses for takedown, we’ve been sickened as American soldiers and veterans have been used as pawns, we’ve been stunned as private property has been confiscated, and we’ve listened as high ranking officials in the Administration admit to being ordered by our Country’s leadership to lie in order to keep the truth buried.

It’s time for the People to take a stand

VotersTrust is here to open up a dialogue; to discuss what is working and what isn’t, to listen to the American citizen, and to take action. How? We build and support projects that equip people with information, tools, and technology necessary to promote the ideals upon which our Republic was founded.

And now, VotersTrust will provide a platform for Americans to share their stories of government targeting and abuse - and help bring an end to it.

VotersTrust will help return Liberty to the People.

Make no mistake, this is not about political party. It's about principle. Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat doesn't matter - we're all Americans. It's time to reconnect with one another, American to American, and rebuild a culture of trust that will once again defend those first three amazing words in our country’s Constitution, “We the People”.

It’s time. Join us.

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