It’s time for a People’s PAC.

It’s time for a PAC for those of us who want our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. to reflect the Will of the People, the Voice of the Constituents and the balance of Fiscal and Ethical responsibility. A PAC for those of us who trust in those amazing three words, “We The People.” For who trust that conservatives win elections when we run on our values, not away from them.

Its time for a People’s PAC, where the people get to decide which candidates to support with their donations and with their time.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to start winning elections again. We did it in 2010. Let’s do it again in 2014. Sign the Voters Trust Declaration of Independence to learn more.

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Declaration of Conservative Independence

  1. We are tired of losing elections we should be winning.
  2. We are tired of the GOP establishment telling conservatives what to think, and how to vote.
  3. We are tired of the same old consultants and insiders running our party into the ground, and enriching themselves along the way.
  4. We are tired of seeing the same old insiders lose election after election, but never lose their jobs or their influence.
  5. We believe “We the People” can choose and fund our own candidates far more effectively than the establishment and their insider buddies.
  6. We believe “We the People” gave us the epic GOP win in 2010, and the establishment and consulting class gave us the loss in 2012.
  7. We believe conservatives can win more elections not by acting more liberal, but by drawing stark contrasts between our world view and theirs.
  8. We believe we are strongest when we include economic, national security and social conservatives, and that none should take a back seat to the other.
  9. We believe conservatives should pool our energy and resources and form a group that says to the GOP establishment, once and for all, “Enough!”
  10. We believe it’s time for a change, and that “We the People” are the change we’ve been looking for.

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